Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Response to the Josh Duggar "Scandal" and A Note to Society

As I sit on Facebook reading people's comments in light of Josh Duggar's recent confession, I am in absolute disgust at the society we live in. Josh Duggar, who is the oldest of the Duggar clan and is now 27 years old, confessed today that when he was 14 years old he molested 5 girls, some of which were his sisters. In NO WAY is this a post defending his actions. I want that to be clear. What he did was so wrong, disgusting, and I don't understand it one bit. That's not the point. I don't think any one of us could argue that. I'm disgusted with how society is handling it.

After I read more of the story, I am among those who do not think that the situation was handled correctly at the time it happened. I am not defending Josh's actions. What I am defending, however, is how he is handling the situation now. How hard would it be to, at 27 years old with a family of your own, to admit this to the entire world, ESPECIALLY as a Christian? So incredibly hard. You know now that your reputation is shot, that your image is tainted, and that even the image of your God to some of the secular crowd is now broken. But He did it. And the family's comments on it were flawless. I have no criticism of that whatsoever.

However, as I began reading comments on the stories, I was just repulsed. Countless comments about how they saw it coming, how the family is completely nuts or "sick", how he shouldn't be allowed to be a father anymore. Now, if this were someone else more secular, say Kanye West or Channing Tatum, both of whom have families, what do you think the public's response would be? A COMPLETELY different slew of posts would come in.

The comments that aggravated me the most were about how the family is either "hypocritical" or how they are sick and they are shoving things like heterosexual couples' rights down our throats and touching little girls all at the same time. If you have EVER watched the show (and not just persecuted the Duggars from what you've heard or merely based your dislike with them on that fact that they are a christian family on TV), you know that they have NEVER once claimed to be anywhere near perfect. Just the other night Michelle admitted to a lot of hard things she went through as a young adult and how she regrets them. She and Jim Bob are very open about the mistakes they made in their dating life. Even in the statement about Josh's ordeal, most of what they are saying is along the lines of "we are nowhere near perfect and it allowed us to trust God a lot more and get closer as a family". That comment drove people the wildest I think, because multiple people said that was sick....why? When Bruce Jenner announced he is changing into a woman, America showed him full support, even though it was deeply affecting his children. When Miley Cyrus went absolutely crazy, the world embraced it, saying almost the same thing as the Duggars. Nobody is perfect, be who you are. Well, newsflash society, The Duggars are CHRISTIANS. And if you are gonna shove acceptance of homosexuals, illegal aliens, transgenders, Muslims, whatever it is, You HAVE to accept us too.

Christians today are called hypocrites so much it makes my stomach hurt, but guess what society?

You are the biggest hypocrite and oppressor there is. 

You choose to make the Christian beliefs the outcast ones. You choose to question the religious convictions of us, while glorifying an Islamic conviction. You choose to make nasty comments, calling us every name in the book. You choose to make the stereotype, not us.

I personally don't know a single Christian who is prejudice towards the homosexual/transgender community. I do not know of a single church who would turn anyone like that away. I have multiple gay friends, but I'm not tolerant? I respect their rights while still holding my beliefs without shoving them in their faces, but I'm a biggot?

Stop taking away my rights, America. Stop calling me names that aren't meant for me. Stop stereotyping. YOU are the problem, not me. God Bless.


  1. I support your efforts to enlighten the nonbelievers and uphold Christianity.

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