Saturday, August 22, 2015

Apartment Life is Sweet Life

In 2 days I begin my second year of college which means that I am back in my not so quiet little college town trying to enjoy my last 2 days of summer before the rush of school begins. Last year, my roomie and I were tossed back and forth between dorms and, though we had a relatively good year, we decided that dorm life was NOT for us. So after searching for apartments in-between classes last semester we finally found "the one". This summer between my summer classes and working my old high school part-time job I drove down here to move in boxes, painted furniture after a late shift, and searched in goodwill aisles for hidden treasures, and now here we are! So, without further ado, welcome to my apartment tour! (Keep in mind that some more wall art will be added, but it's mostly done)

Our door with the most adorable little wreath!

 The panorama view of our living room

The chair- a goodwill find of my roomies. They recovered it and I think it looks so cute. The tables were another project of hers and the lamps were found in my attic. 

Our couch and coffee table. The couch is from Ashley's Home Furniture Store and I'm so thankful to my grandparents for purchasing this for me. It will follow me through college and beyond. The pillows were more DIY projects from my roomie. The table is an old window from Aquinas College that my dad and I revamped into a table. This will definitely follow me beyond college and I think its ADORABLE. 

Some wall art that I made. The letters were Lilly Pulitzer inspired and I made them last year for our dorm but luckily they fit right in. 

Our key/mail holder 
The view from our couch

The panorama of my kitchen (I tried, panoramas aren't really my thing)

Our kitchen table and chairs- a $20 Craigslist find by my room mate. Still looking for some wall art above it. 

The little wall art that we DO have in the kitchen thus far.
 The overview of my stove because I think its pretty cute. My nana made the dishcloth hanging on the handle for my first home years ago and I kept it just for this.

My little coffee station. 

Our menu board and some canisters. 
The cutest little spice rack 

Look! We're adults with real groceries!

 Our little utility room. Thank you so much to my Papa for the washer which was free and also for the replacing the dryer with a brand new one. Definitely made my life a lot less stressful!
Our little patio which is definitely still a work in progress
Our guest bathroom/Roomie's morning bathroom for when we both need to get ready. It was a hard angle to take pictures!
Heading upstairs to our bedrooms
The overview of my bedroom which I LOVE

My desk which was my brothers in college. The pictures above are black and white pictures of my hometown.

My bed, which also was my brothers and almost every other member of my family's. The canvases and bedding are from my dorm last year. I just couldn't give them up, I loved them so much!

My nightstand which is made out of a table found in my attic. Notice the coasters that I made out of Lowes tiles and my old Lilly Pulitzer agenda. 

My adorable Goodwill dresser! Im IN LOVE with this. Could definitely make this into an entertainment center or buffet in the future. 

High lighting my Goodwill tray spread. Super cute. 
The entryway to my bathroom

The panorama of my bathroom which is one of my favorite rooms for sure. 

My tray spread that I also got from Goodwill. SO cute. 

Some bathroom canvases I painted. 

Just highlighting my extremely girly and frilly shower curtain matching with these towels. Again, I LOVE how this room turned out. 

So thats it! Again, it's a work in progress. Thank you to ALL my grandparents for their purchases in helping me furnish the place. Also very big thank you to my uncle for hauling all of the furniture down here and putting it in my apartment for me. And a thank you to my parents for their purchases and also for buying my start-up grocery items. I am very blessed! 

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