Thursday, December 8, 2016

Finals Week in Engineering as Told by The Grinch

Finals week is a hard time for almost anyone, however it can turn even the most resilient engineering student a little....

When you're asked what the biggest take-away from your Environmental Engineering class was:

Finishing up everything you've learned this semester by going over all of the regulations like:

When your professor tells you that you need to remember the equations:

Filling out your class evaluations on the last day and letting out all of your pent-up frustrations:

When your first day of studying lasts 14 hours...

Those late nights at the library when most other majors are long gone:

When the week is halfway over, others are already done with their finals (and you're not), and they're feeling the Christmas spirit:

When your brain is fried and your friend asks you if you want to go to a Christmas party...

...But then the anxiety gets the best of you and you decide to stay in and study:

When you're trying to get the most out of your 4 hours of sleep but your neighbors aren't taking finals week as seriously as you have to:

But FINALLY the testing is over and you can finally walk away from campus stress-free

But there is one thing left to do....

Passing your friend that still has a final to take but you're officially okay to get turnt on the holiday spirit:

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