Friday, August 1, 2014

Calling All College Students: The List Has Arrived

Here is the list of things that I have thus far found extremely irritating when it pertains to college. The number is what it is because I just decided to list absolutely everything that has annoyed the dickens out of me in the past few months and then run with whatever number that turns out to be. Also, for your added benefit, I have found all of these things to be annoying and I have yet to attend a single college class or even move into a dorm, which adds on to the fun in my eyes. Without further ado, here is a list of the crap that universities put us through:

(dum dum daaaaaaaaah)

1. The fact that I am given a fee for anything and everything. I have a fee for being a student and for living on campus and for choosing the major that I chose and for parking and for breathing and enjoying sunlight and for any other thing that university can find to nickel and dime me (I lied about that last one). You would think the thousands upon thousands already going towards tuition and housing and meal plans would have it covered.... You would be wrong. 

2. Being an "Overflow Student". Essentially it comes down to this: the university accepts everyone who applies in order to get extra $$$. They don't believe half these idiots will make it past the first month, but they get their grubby little hands on all those thousands that student paid for the first semester anyway. This means that these snots want to live on campus and since the school accepts everyone, there becomes a problem with the amount of dorms available. Which puts actual students who came in with a shot at doing this in a hotel for weeks. Why this is even a thing, I don't know. But it needs to not be. 

3. The Email System from hell.  I will never understand why I have to login 10 times before my account is recognized but I do. I also will never understand why the system can never seem to follow any command you give it. Isn't it ironic that an institution meant to make you more educated can't even handle its own tech problems?

4. Unneeded books. Not sure why the university lists books that they never intend to use on the "what to buy" list in their class. In fact, on the first day of class they will even admit to you that you need not buy this book, which is why I will be holding off. Also don't know why this is a thing, but it is and I'm still not president so not much I can do there. 

5. We're given jail cells in exchange for our souls. We basically are being asked to sign our life away and pay out the wazoo. You would think we would at least be met with top of the line bedrooms for this, but we're not. We are met by warm, inviting cinder block walls and furniture from the 1960s on move-in day. 

6. The "You got so lucky to get all of those scholarships!" summer talks. I'm "lucky?" Um no. Please tell that to the senior girl in high school who spent her free periods (the period all other seniors used for nap time) filling out scholarships and writing essays. I believe I have been to more interviews/banquets/offices to prove that I am worthy of this stuff than anyone on planet earth. I lived and breathed scholarships for a year. I basically lived in my guidance counselors office, some days even visiting my warm and cheery and not socially awkward (heehee) guidance counselor between every single class period, plus 20 minutes of my lunch. So no, I did not get lucky. God blessed me with the maturity to be able to be that disciplined, but I by no means had it "fall in my lap".   

7. My emails being passed around more than the Thanksgiving side dishes. For some reason when you email someone at the university who seems like they could answer your questions (or are even listed as the person who could indeed answer the question), they always have to send it to somebody else. Infact, sometimes i email my school trying to figure out exactly who to email about a certain question and that email gets passed around 4 times. 

Follow on BloglovinFor the time being, this is all the ranting I am capable of. Yes, this stuff gets under my skin. But I am super excited to be in college and start my little journey. However, I will protest this crap till I die.

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