Monday, September 8, 2014

The Blog Post that Proves Christianity

Okay, so maybe this title is a little bold. Proving Christianity is no easy task, mainly because God wants us to rely on a certain amount of faith. He gives us the equation y-mx+b, gives us numbers for three of those variables and expects us to solve for the last variable. It's not black and white like that for all of us, however.  It blows me away how many times I have heard some of the following theories when it comes to religion/heaven:

  • No matter what someone believes in, if they're a "good person", their eternity will be spent in heaven.
  • All of us on Earth will end up in heaven. 
  • What someone else believes is none of my business
Okay, I'm just going to ask some questions here...

So, if all you have to be is a "good person", then why does anyone practice a religion? What's the point in praying and abstaining from sex and not doing drugs and going on mission trips if all you have to be is a "good person"? Further, who dictates what a good person is or not? Doesn't everyone think that they themselves are a good person by human standards? So what/who dictates exactly what makes a good person?

Piggy-backing off of that, if everyone goes to heaven, whether they are a good person or not, then again why does anyone go through the restrictions of a religion? What is the point?

Stopping here for a second, you see my point. If either of these were true, then no one would feel the need to have a religion. I've heard Muslims and Christians both say these things. My question to them is this: if you truly believed either of these things, then why are you restricting yourself with religion? I'm 18 years old. I know exactly what "fun" i'm missing out on by being a Christian. I don't get high, I don't attend the parties on campus, I don't drink, I don't have sex (or anything NEAR it), I don't dress provocatively, and I don't find humor in crude jokes. Is any of that easy as a Freshmen in college? NO NO NO NO NO. So why would I do that if all I had to be was a relatively good person, or, by even easier standards, just a human being? Why would anyone do that?

The point is, from the beginning of time people have believed in something. God, Greek gods, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, or even if you believe in Science (I'm talking to you, atheists). Religion has always been there. The funny part about this is that most major religions share the same Old Testament. The Bible, The Koran, and so on. From this, any logical person could infer that if 99% of people who have ever lived on Earth believed in SOME higher power, then a higher power likely exists. Second, if most religions share the same Old Testament, that's probably true too. The great part about this point is that the religions vary by who they perceive is the prophet described in the Old Testament. For sake of time, it is very extremely clear to me that the scriptures point directly at Jesus with big flashing signs. And if I believe that, then I have to believe the New Testament too. And I believe the New Testament, then I take it very seriously when Jesus tells us that He is the only way to heaven. And if I believe this, then I take each and every soul on this Earth that much more serious. So yes, it is my business what the person next to me believes. They aren't just a person to me. They are a soul, they have a purpose, and they were formed by God. This is SERIOUS business.

So, with all that being said, I prove my point. Yes, the title was bold, and maybe I didn't exactly prove Christianity. However, I got y'all thinking. If you believe in one of the above theories, why? And does that actually make sense/line up with your religion? If you are an atheist,you don't have a code of ethics really. You have nothing to tell you "yes, this is correct" or "no, this is wrong". Therefore, the answer for you is probably yes. However, if you are a Christian or a Muslim or a Jew, does that really line up with your religion? And if you aren't following your religion close enough for the answer to be no, then ask yourself why you are really even in a religion at all.

And all of you- why do/dont you believe in Jesus? Do you understand the facts I stated about the Old Testament? If not, please contact someone. Me, a local pastor, somebody. God is real, Jesus is his son, and he is speaking to your heart. He has provided a way for you to get more information, but you HAVE to take the opportunity. No excuses.

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