Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Not Even Sure What To Call This One

WARNING: I am going to write this as nicely as I can muster... no promises though.

If any of you guys are my Facebook readers then you probably think this particular blogpost is going to be about an ignorant student who told my speech class that America is corrupt. You however are wrong because believe it or not, I ran into even more idiotic people. No idea where this is going to go but I assume it will probably be a rant so brace yourselves:

For the past 2 weeks on Tuesday, a crazy psychopath comes to my College and stands on the main patio of our campus and twists Bible verses around while screaming at students. We all know the Gospel (for these purposes I will be condensing this like a ton and also will be using the short version that most of the people 2 generations above my own would use): We are sinners, we deserve hell, Christ took our sins. If you are my age you would realize how... unappealing, I suppose, this sounds, and you would revise it to look more like the truth: we are sinners, God is love beyond our understanding, he can help us out as people as well as help us out with our eternity, yadda yadda yadda. My generation prefers this second approach for multiple reasons that I will not delve into now. Once we mature as Christians, it is a lot easier to swallow the whole "we deserve hell" thing. I'm like completely okay with hearing this, I understand it completely, and this fact actually makes my relationship with God better. Nevertheless, my generation generally takes a different approach to the Gospel.

With that being said, this crazy preacher literally stands on a pillar and screams in essence "YOU'RE GOING TO HELL!!" in this face of students as they walk to class.... very encouraging right before an exam I must say.  My purpose is not to necessarily talk about this crazy man, however I will include some vital information: The man believes a variety of incredibly not true things. The one under discussion today was that people could lose their salvation just because they sinned. Here is what he meant: He believes in Jesus therefore he is a christian therefore he no longer sins.  He believes that if you are a christian and sin you lose your salvation. One of my good friends was pulling out verses left and right disproving this and the guy would not have it. Ultimately the guy said "Are you a Christian?" and when my friend replied yes he said "Well then I'm not really here for you. I'm moving on." SO, what Im trying to get to is that this guy claimed he was here for non believers.

Well, I was standing in the back listening to all of the nonsense comments being made while the crazy psycho was talking to individuals. A series of events that completely disturbed me occurred as follows:

1. A Giant dude and scrawny little dude were talking. I couldn't tell if they were honestly stupid or a little drunk or both. I'm leaning towards both. Anyway, the big, giant, dumber one said something along the lines of:
"DUDE *obnoxious drunk/stupid laughter* What if.... what if like.... like everyone just was doing shrooms out in the desert and like... wrote the Bible man *more obnoxious drunk/stupid laughter*"

Being as this comment was made after a slew of other ignorant ones, I couldn't take it no longer and politely informed them that that indeed would be absolutely crazy being as like 90% of religions use the same Old Testament so like how crazy would it be if they had all been on shrooms and written the exact same thing??
The idiots thought I was agreeing with them.
They then talked about how maybe they all just Plagiarized after one another. This, of course, was after the big one announced "I ate beer for lunch man *obnoxious hick laughter*"
Moving on.

2. My friend came to talk to me about when Jesus talked about how a fig tree bearing no fruit needs to be cut off. Not going to teach on this, if you want clarity google it please. If you understand the passage, move on.

A pink haired girl with her head half shaved came up, randomly in the middle of my conversation, and said in a very hippy-esce tone "Yeah, I mean by fruit don't you mean like peace and love man?"

No, hippy girl. No, that is not what fruit is.

She then said "Cause, I mean, this dude is hate. He ain't love, man. He's hate. He's worse than Satan."

WORSE THAN SATAN. I don't think this point even needs to be addressed. If THIS is her version of Satan, the vision of hell that she has in her head is paradise man.

3. A long haired freaky man ran up behind crazy preacher dude and yelled "Hale Satan!!!" to which the pink haired hippy said "Yeah, man!" and then went and hugged a random dude like pink-haired hippies would do.

Not really sure where to go with this. There is no lesson here. Just a lot of sadness. My heart is deeply pained by these people and their beliefs. They have honestly put no thought into it at all, not even a little. And anything we say they will be turned off by because being a Christian in that crowd right now is sooooo "not cool".

My bad though, I thought we were in college. Not middle school.

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