Wednesday, November 11, 2015

11 Habits You Have by the End of the Semester

Everybody sing it with me: It's the most horrible time of the year! That's correct, it's nearing the end of the semester which would seem like a blessing to anyone not in college, but to us seasoned scholars we know that the only thing worse than the end of a semester is actual death (Okay, I'm a LITTLE dramatic). Right now, I see a lot of posts from Odyssey going around about this very subject and I thought that a perfect way to procrastinate and put off all of my responsibilities would be to write one myself, so without further ado:

11 Habits You Have by the End of the Semester:

1) Your procrastination is at an all time high.
Yeah, you should probably be using all of your free time to study for your last tests or the upcoming finals you have, but suddenly everything around you seems more interesting. The floor MUST be vacuumed before you can even think about cracking a book. You've spent 30 minutes writing that 10 page paper, I think it's time to reward yourself with 2 hours of Netflix before bed, right? (This reason is also why this post was even written...oops!)

2) Thinking about end-of-term grades actually causes physical pain.
What do you MEAN I only have one test to redeem myself from the mistakes I made at the beginning of the semester? Ever heard of forgive and forget?

3) You're POSITIVE your professors assigned due dates while they were at lunch...together.
You have 2 tests, a paper, a quiz, 3 homework assignments, and a group project all due on the same day. Where. is. the. coffee. 

4) You're having to learn a semester's worth of material all over again.
At some point in academics, professors decided that the multiple tests given throughout the semester just weren't enough and we need a master test that covers all material we "learned" in the class. This means late nights in the library trying to learn everything you dumped out of your brain somewhere back in September. 

5) Your family thinks you're ignoring them.
We don't remember the last time we bathed ourselves. Calling home right now is low on our list. That is, until we have one of our famous nervous breakdowns, because then mommy is getting a call. 

6) What is sleep?
8 hours of sleep? Are you joking? Not only do you not have time for sleep right now, but your nights are filled with math equations or thesis statements. You can't even escape from responsibilities in your dreams. 

7) But when morning comes...
It's 7'oclock already? But you were just getting your best sleep all night!

8) You start breaking beginning of semester pacts. 
You PROMISED yourself you would make an asserted effort to look decent every day. This is a pact you laugh at as you pull on the same sweat pants you've worn for 3 days now. 

9) You remind yourself why you're here. 
Every 20 minutes. 

10) The only thing getting you through finals week is the thoughts of home.
11) And when you get home...
You try to show off your newly acquired smarts to your family without revealing that you thought about dropping out at least 20 times in the past 15 weeks. 

Now that you've procrastinated by spending  5 minutes reading this post, I think you deserve some Netflix. Where are your sweat pants?

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