Thursday, December 10, 2015

Relationship Goals

I live in a generation where all romance is dead. There's no anticipation during a first date because you two have already texted each other your complete bios. Goodnight texts are considered the highest level of love one can achieve in their relationship. "Netflix and chill" is the idea of a perfect date. And there's also this really annoying thing called #RelationshipGoals where we hashtag this next to anything we deem relationship worthy. Surprise, we're not really good at relationships.

I did a quick hashtag search on twitter and heres what "relationship goals" look like for our generation:

1) "___ and ___ are seen out in public together. #relationshipgoals"

2)"I wanna watch Elf and drink hot chocolate right now. #relationshipgoals" (not sure what that has to do with a relationship but okay)

3) a comment on a staged picture of a 3 week old couple on instagram that says "relationship goals" for no apparent reason.

4) "When he sends me a long text message telling me how much he likes me #relationshipgoals"

5) Some nonsense about how Chuck and Blaire are relationship goals. (Did you guys even watch Gossip Girl? Because I'm getting the feeling that you didn't.)

I don't know about you but literally none of those sound like "relationship goals" to me.

Relationship goals are loving a person when it's toughest.

Relationship goals are doing someone else's dishes or folding their laundry just because.

They're answering a phone call at 3 in the morning because your significant other is throwing up and they just want to talk to you.

Relationship goals are when he's really hungry but lets you eat as much off of his plate as you want.

Relationship goals are praying together, studying the word together, loving Jesus together.

They're foot rubs and hair brushings and random roses.

They're a goodnight phone call and a good morning text every single day.

They're offering your only jacket because she might be cold.

They're telling someone that you love everything about them in person 20 times a day so they don't forget.

They're trips to the grocery store for groceries that aren't even yours just to be with them.

They're carrying carloads of bags and not complaining once even though she's high maintenance

They're calling someone just because you know that they'll listen.

They're the times when you're driving down the road and you catch them looking at you for no reason.

Relationship goals are being called honestly beautiful when your hair is wet and you have no makeup on and your pajamas are 3 times too big.

For me, relationship goals aren't going to the gym together or being rich or watching a movie. Relationship goals are about living a normal life with an extraordinary person and putting their needs above your own every step of the way. So next time you go to comment "relationship goals!" on some instagram post of a new couple with a fake photo, rethink what you're actually saying. And don't you settle until your relationship goals look like absolute love.

**P.s. shoutout to my best friend and boyfriend for being the model of all of my relationship goals. Not a single person on this Earth could treat me like you do and I am so incredibly thankful that you choose to lovingly put up with my crazy self every day**

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