Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Nature is God's Love in a Painting

I am forever obsessed with clouds. I don't think there is ever a day where I'm driving and I am not in total amazement at the sky. No matter if there is barely any clouds in the sky or if they're taking over, they are always spectacular and breath-taking and awe-inspiring. And any time I see them and I appreciate them, I give thanks to God for giving me such a view and the vision to be able to see them.

I'm sorry, but that's gorgeous. I don't think there's ever a time when clouds aren't incredibly beautiful. Even when it looks like a gray sheet over the sky, I can still appreciate that the clouds make the colors of the earth pop out and come alive. There are so many things about the universe in general that are breath-taking, and we don't appreciate it enough. The turquoise ocean, the bright fall trees, the red hazy mountains, an orange sunset, a night time sky full of milky stars.
        When I think about these things, I become overwhelmed with God's presence. When we think about creation in Genesis, we often times choose to focus on the creation of us too much. What about when God made land and water and sky and animals. What did he have in mind? He made the earth ready for us to inhabit and he made it to be beautiful. Adam and Eve lived in a garden, a place where you appreciate nature.God made the earth for us to enjoy, and He did it out of his love for us.
    I'm not trying to go hippy on you, but we do need to appreciate this gift more. In truly appreciating the world, we will come to have a greater respect for it. Remember every time you look at the sky or the trees or the ocean that God made this view for your eyes and your heart. He took the time to create for you a masterpiece in the day and a spectacular view at night. His works are never ceasing, always beautiful, and forever a physical and visual token of his love for us. Have you thanked God for the cool air you breath, the sunshine on your skin, the plop of acorns on the ground? Have you thanked God for the leaves you have to rake or the rain you have to walk through? Have you even tried to see the beauty in the inconveniences of nature as well? Every aspect of the earth is a blessing being rained down on us. Take advantage of it.

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  1. Lovely post Hope. I was trying to do just this on my way to work today when I saw all the beautiful fall leaves and actually giggled when I drove through a shower of leaves.