Monday, October 14, 2013

That Crazy Voice Inside Our Heads

Do you ever have that feeling, that little tug at your heart, that you need to go and do something or say something, but you really don’t know what that feeling is all about? Some might say that your conscience is urging you to follow through with the act, others might argue otherwise. But I believe that the burning urge you experience is directly coming from God.
          A section in Mark 5 speaks mostly of Jesus raising a little girl from the dead. But the bible also seemingly shoves another story in the middle of the one mentioned above that really can seem out of place. The story is of a woman who has been bleeding for twelve years and has gone to every doctor she knows, but none can solve the problem. In fact, the problem actually worsened. The woman was obviously terrified of what could happen next and was at a loss as to what the next step she could take would be. She began to hear stories of Jesus raising people from the dead, healing the sick, and even driving out demons. Suddenly she began to think “if I can just touch him, I will be healed”. So what did she do? She reached out and she touched him and was healed.
          As I was reading this story the other day, I began to question what would make her think that she just had to touch him to be healed. Reaching out and touching not only a complete stranger but a celebrity goes beyond the saying
“going out on a limb”. After some deep thought, I reached a conclusion. The woman probably had that little voice in the back of her mind, the very same voice that you and I have from time to time, telling her that for some strange reason, all she had to do was touch Jesus to gain healing. That voice was and is God’s voice.
          God knew that obeying this command would take faith. Put yourself in this woman’s shoes: Imagine if you knew Tom Cruise was due to be in town here in a while and you began to feel the urge that touching him would heal you of your _____ (insert disease here)… would you do it? Probably not! That’s awkward, humiliating, dangerous, uncomfortable. The woman probably thought that she was absolutely crazy for having these thoughts, but she had this undeniable burn (and I’m sure she knew that it was a burn God had given her) that she had to touch Jesus. So that’s what she did. And Jesus turned around and told her that because of her faith she was healed. That part always used confused me. What faith? The faith it took to listen to that little voice and to know that it was God and to follow through with what He was telling her to do. That’s a great deal of faith.
          I come with this message to encourage you to listen to that voice inside of your soul, urging you to do the craziest of things. I have heard countless stories of the most awkward encounters that were inspired by God, all in order to be a blessing in someone’s day. You never know how God could use you, and if it’s anything like it was in biblical times, it gets far more ridiculous than simply touching the edge of someone’s cloak. But I promise that the initial craziness, whatever it may be, will be well worth the blessing in the end. All you need is the faith that tells you God will be glorified through the action.

“Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders. Let me walk upon the waters, wherever you would call me. Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander and my faith would be made stronger in the presence of my Savior.” –Oceans by Hillsong. I hope that you pray for the faith that will allow you to wander the craziest of paths as long as God’s voice is your guide, just as he was for the woman in the story. 
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