Thursday, October 24, 2013

NOT Just A Talk For Girls

    So every few months, my church has something for the ladies in the youth group called "Girl's Night Out". Basically every time there is a different food bar (i.e. backed potato bar, hot chocolate bar, etc), speakers from ladies within the church, and some sort of video that is meant to empower us as women. In case you aren't the usual girl or you happen to be a man (yay for boys on blogs!), most girls have this really huge problem with always trying to be the best, and it completely wears them down. So a lot of the times, the videos shown are geared towards those kinds of girls. This time it was different.
     I'm the unusual girl mentioned above. I don't think I'm too fat or too skinny. I don't think I'm super dumb or incredibly smart. I don't think I'm a loser but I don't consider myself Mrs.Popular. I think I am your average run-of-the-mill girl who you could find just about anywhere. I'm normal. Therefore, videos about not hating yourself do NOTHING for me. I don't hate myself, I have no reason to. So this video (which is posted below, go watch it!!!) reached out to meet every girl (or boy!) at the place that they are with themselves, and then starts to tells you what every single person on the face of earth wants to be told.
    In case you don't know me, I have a boyfriend. We have been dating for a most of my high school career, we don't go to the same school, and we try to be as godly as we can be. When we go astray we fix it. We pray together. We talk about lessons learned in our bibles. We study together. We seriously do try. Well, he treats me like I am God's gift to mankind. He says something incredibly sweet that most girls would eat up and I reply with something goofy like "Shut up loser". (its an incredibly tender relationship, can't you tell?). Why I can't accept what he tells me, I never knew. But I knew I didn't like it and that something was wrong with me. And I wanted it fixed.
     So I'm sitting there thinking "this is EXACTLY what my boyfriend tells me. On a day-to-day basis, I am told this. Why don't I react to it like this? Why do I not think of myself like this?" and it's like God just spoke to me right at that moment. He told me that I may not hate myself and I may be able to pick out a lot of good qualities about myself, but I don't see myself the way the ones I love see me. I can't be serious when my boyfriend says these things because I don't fully believe them. If I can't accept what my boyfriend says about me, how in the world am I gonna be able to accept what GOD is telling me?
  So if you are sitting here reading this and are/were in the same spot I am/was, I want you to watch the video below and keep what I just told you in mind. Know that you are worth so much and that God's love for you is so unfathomable that it's stupid crazy. You are his absolute most precious thing, and he poured out blood for you. He gives you a clean slate every single day. He is always molding you, always forming you, always helping you. He won't give up even when you do. He won't stop guiding you. Also, when you try and make an impact on this world, don't give up. Keep on pushing. The bible is filled with all sorts of broken people who made a lot of mistakes but who changed the world because they put their trust in God and believed that no matter what the outcome is, He loves them and He is for them and HIS WILL IS BEST. Know that you are broken, but with God you are mended and you are beautiful.
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