Monday, October 14, 2013

The Struggles of Being a Blog Baby

Just in case y'all (all 0 of you) were unaware, being a "blog baby" is quite the struggle. This is mainly because, well... my blog is more dead than Billy Ray Cyrus' career after the "Achy Breaky Heart" obsession died down. So in a very awkward way to get my name out there, I must post a link from Bloglovin so readers will know that my blog is open for business. In hopes that someone later on down the road may be scrolling down my page, I will attempt to make this post interesting and not just a waste of space for a link to appear on. So here goes nothing!
The Struggles of Being a "Blog Baby"
  • I am writing a post for no one to read. The whole point of a blog is to create posts for people to read... too bad I have no one to read my posts yet! It's quite awkward writing something when I know that potentially no one will read... it's almost as crazy as talking to yourself in public. 
  • I feel like a homeless person in blog land. Instead of begging for change, I'm begging for followers. 
  • If this whole thing is a flop, I'm gonna really regret this later in life. This is potentially the equivalent of all the embarrassing things you did in 6th grade that you now try to block out of your memory. Current generation: take a second to cringe at the thought of your Myspace profile. The Older Crowd: take a second to cringe at the thought of your hair in the 80s. 

Despite the initial awkwardness and the blaring risk of failure, the entire point of this blog is to go beyond what you normally would. So here is my first leap of faith! I intended for this whole thing to be a form of ministry and a general pick-me-up, so I guess we'll see where God wants to take this thing later on down the road. To anyone who is reading this, I appreciate the support. I pray that it serves as a blessing in your life!


That elephant in the room... the link:
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  1. When I started Thinking Out Loud, there was already a built-in readership, since it was the next step in a e-newsletter I was writing. But when I started Christianity 201, I decided it was worth doing even if I was the only reader. The word blog is short for web-log; and if you just treat it as your personal journal, any readers you get are a bonus!

    By the way, I'm in the Top 200 Ministry blog list now, but I am a *total failure* on Twitter.