Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"What is this Bloglovin' Thing That is ALL Over Your Blog??"

What is this Bloglovin' thing that is ALL over your blog??

     This is probably a very popular question for anyone who is new to blogs (I'm talking to myself here). As I'm going along and figuring some things out, Bloglovin is seriously helpful. If you don't already have a profile/regularly use it, you SHOULD. For people who have 0 idea what they're doing (Hello, here I am), you can easily find blogs that are relevant to things you are interested in, as well as begin to gain followers for your blog..... In my case, Bloglovin is helping me graduate from baby blog.
      So, Just click that really giant button that I will put in the bottom of this page to start following me on Bloglovin. Following me means that you get to more easily and regularly read my posts and I don't feel like a complete loser for much longer. Just follow the giant pointing arrows :) 

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